August 28, 2014

Week 3 at Lima.Peru MTC

Hi Family!!
On Week 3 at the CCM. Can´t believe I hit the half way point. Life here at the CCM is great. I just laugh all day as there are so many quirks. On Tuesday before the devotional Hermana Gonzalez (the MTC Prez wife) came up to the pulpit and ask who had the diarehha. Then the zone leaders had to go around and ask specifically. It is too funny. Love all the elders and sisters here.  I feel as if I´m pretty much adjusted to the missionary schedule and such. I love my teachers--they are whipping us in to shape, and I love all of my study time! Sundays are always nice--full of meetings (in english!). On Sunday I gave a talk in church! The way it works here is that after the sacrament is passed, the branch president will randomly call up 4 missionaries to speak for 5 minutes in Spanish!--and I was one of them.  I felt like I was going to--thank goodness I prepared well. My talk was on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Our Father in Heaven did not put us on this earth to fail but to succeed gloriously. And we can through the Atonement of Jesus Christ! What a marvelous doctrine. I love my studying time here. Several nights ago I had my first dream in Spanish--which apparently means the language is beginning to click. I didn´t understand a lot of the dream, but I´m super pumped that I had one! Anyways, studying time are my favorites. Personal Revelation just flows as I read the scriptures and study Preach My Gospel. Those 3-4 hours I have are precious.  I just finished the Book of Mormon. It is an amazing book. It is the evidence of God´s love for us as it contains the fulness of the gospel. Can´t wait to start reading it again.
Today I got to attend the temple--it was absolutely beautiful. I had headphones so it was nice to get it in English--going through the veil in Spanish was interesting, but good! The temple is the house of the Lord. I am just trying to cherish these times I´m there. Only two more til I´m out in the field!! My comp and I are doing great--I just love her now. The grace of God is real. Yesterday as we were talking, she starting sharing some of her struggles with the language. Immediately the words of Ether came to mind as I had just read earlier that day of Moroni´s words to the Lord. Of how he was concerned fools would mock him for his weakness in writing. The Lord responded in Chapter 12 of 26 that he will make sure we have success. Our words will be received. I just felt such a love for my companion. Her success is my success. Day by day we are doing it! We are growing through the gospel of the Lord!
 As I was reading in Helaman several days ago, I was touched by the words of Nephi about placing our treasures in heaven. This mission for me is a treasure in heaven. Lay up treasures in heaven!! Things that last for eternity!! Also Prayer, God is so good to me. I find such strength and comfort through prayer. One day as I woke up I was just not feeling it. As I got on my knees and began to pray, I immediately felt such love from our Father in Heaven. He is listening.
Know that I am doing really well.  I love you with all of my heart. You are in my prayers. I love this gospel so much. The fulness of the gospel is restored on the earth today. Don´t be asleep during the Restoration and the hastening of the work. Wake up and get to work!! (Read Elder Uchtdorf´s talk in Priesthood. Love it!!) Amazing things are happening on the earth today!!
Besos! Much Love,
Hermana Jackson

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