September 30, 2014

Another week in Secada, Peru!!!

Dear Family,

Another week in Secada! It has been full of ups and downs but we are working hard!! I have so many people that we come in contact with everyday so this week (and probably everyweek) you will just get highlights!!

Daniel and his three daughters came to church yesterday. Hermana Arone and I were ecstatic! He seemed to like it; his girls loved it. He attended our gospel principles lesson on the Law of Chastity (which was rad--we had pictures, quotes and a list of scriptures on the board--just like you mom!) We think that is girls will be the key to getting him to be more and more open to the church. This past week we taught the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was strong. We had a member come with us and he bore a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. We will continue to visit and pray that he will open his heart and accept the things we are teaching him!

Elard is the sweetest boy. If your under 18 we have to receive a permission form for baptism from the parents. We received his yesterday. He gave it to me with the biggest smile on his face. So excited and pumped for his baptism which will be at the end of October. On Friday night as we passed by his house we saw him leaving for the big youth dance at the church. It was cute to see him so excited to attend in his nice white shirt and slacks. His parents are not interested whatsoever but I know that they can see the change that has occurred with him. 

Zoila is a less active member we are working with. She is darling--very pretty. Her house is so cute with brightly decorated walls. Her husband isn`t a member, but her and her two kids are starting to come to church. She is a returned missionary and so last week she pulled out all of her pictures. It was good to talk about her experiences on the mission. We related it back to the Plan of Salvation. I felt such peace as we talked about life and how we have hope through the resurrection of Christ. God really does have a perfect plan for his imperfect children.

Our family that we`ve mainly been working with is Familia Mozombite- Ekier and Jency, and their three kids Jhorlly (16), Pedro (12), and little Ekier (7). They are the sweetest people but are definitely going through some rough times. When we report some of the challenges each week theres is that they don`t have money to eat. They already have much faith has they`ve payed a fast offering and attend church weekly. One person has to stay home though to protect the house. House are built very poorly here and it`s really easy to break in and steal stuff. But they are great! Their date for marriage is on Oct 18 and their baptism is on 25th.

We have been working really hard to obtain more references. As it is more difficult to see members since we only eat with a pensionista, we have decided to serve our members! The members here are so great. We have found that we have more success (like this week we aquired 17 new investigators 5 of them being families) when we work with the members in teaching and finding. They really are gold! And when we do involve them, they give us more and more references. We taught a lesson with Hermano Jarry and now he has been giving us more references. It is great!

I love you all! I am tacking this one day at a time. There is much work to be done and a lot to learn with regards to Spanish and being a missionary, but I am figuring it out. Love you all!!

Hermana Jackson

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