September 4, 2014

Last Week in MTC

Hello Dear Family,
Another week down at the CCM and can you believe it--on Tuesday early in the morning, I will head out to Iquitos!! Out to the mission field we go. It´s weird how things are wrapping down here but really in the same breath just beginning. You won´t hear from me until not this upcoming Monday but the next (I believe that is September 15). However, if there is time at the airport, I may get to call! It will probably be early (like when you´re up Mom in the early morning) but keep your phone close--we´ll see. I think I will be able to. Well this week has had it´s ups and downs. I love hearing about everyone´s going ons. There hasn´t been anything new--it´s the same of just studying and having class.
Today I had such a marvelous experience in the temple. It was my last time going until I get home!! During the session, it was fine--I´ve recently come down with a cold has a lot of elders have been sick in the CCM, and since we´re all in close proximity it was bound to happen. I didn´t get a ton out of the session to be honest, but as I crossed over to the veil, I felt such a peace and love from the Lord. As I sat in the sealing room, it was amazing Mom--I felt our family. I felt Preston, Willis, Grandma Beesley and Grandpa Jackson. It was literally like a warm hug--that it´s not just me out here, but that they are all here with me. I could feel of their strength and their love for me. Kind of like a send off before I leave for the field. The spirit was so strong. I was overwhelmed with gratitude--in D&C it says that it may seem like a bold doctrine--that we seal both on heaven and on earth with the Priesthood of God, but those family ties are real. I felt it. I am so grateful for the house of the Lord. I am grateful for the strength I feel from not just you all back home, but from family on the other side of the veil. This week I received a priesthood blessing in which it said that I was set apart in the pre mortal existence to do a specific work. Being here in Peru is apart of that work. I feel the Lord and really our family right beside me as I study and prepare to head out. What an adventure ahead of me!!
We watched a devotional this past week with Jeffrey R. Holland, and he asked the question: Why isn´t salvation easier? Why is missionary work challenging. His response was that it wasn´t easy for the Savior. So there are going to be challenging days and that´s okay. It is such a privilege to be out here. Today as I was in the temple thinking about this past week and how it had been a little bit harder to focus and be positive, I was reminded what a blessing it was that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I could even be out here. That is the miracle of the atonement. And what a tragedy really it would have been if I couldn´t be out here in Lima Peru and soon to be Iquitos, doing the work of the Lord. His work is my work!!
I´m not sure whether you should post this letter to the blog--you decide you get´s to see it!! You are in my prayers for your lesson. This past week in Relief Society I was able to share the spiritual thought that the sister leaders usually do--I love being with the sisters!! I´ve been reading a lot of the conference talks--they are wonderful!! Especially Elder Nelson´s on showing your faith. Any truth is apart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love that when it come´s to any controversial matters in the world--turn to the Lord first. For his way is the only way to go. There is this awesome quote that we got from devtional. It was from the 2014 National Prayer Breakfast--maybe you can find the full thing but this was what I was able to write down. ¨Too many people are worried about being on the wrong side of history. History is not our God, God is our god. History is not our judge, God is our judge. Public Opinion is not our judge, God is our judge.¨ If you find the full thing, let me know! I want it! I just thought it was a powerful quote as the world continues to seperate farther and farther from God´s law. In 1 Nephi 18--it talks about Nephi as he build the ship. He didn´t do it after the manner of men but of God. Even Laman and Lemuel recognized at the end that the work was exceedingly fine. When we do things the Lord way, we are choosing the better way. These are interesting days!! But we can do it and do it well if we are on the Lord´s side! 
Well, I am alive and well!! I am ready to get out to Iquitos. I love you all--I am sad to here about the many that are going through hard times, they will be in my prayers when I fast on Sunday as well. I have´t gotten the letters, but they said a lot of mail was coming in today so I will check and see. Love you all--next email will be from somewhere out in the jungle!!
Hermana Jackson

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