November 3, 2014

Adveture after Adventure in Peru!!

Dearest Family,

Hello hello! Another full week! Interviews for baptism,  district meeting, wedding dress fittings, and a city wide power outage on Tuesday night. We went home and got ready for bed by the light of our DVD player as it played the Joseph Smith movie--this is luxury living people. And just when I thought I could conquer it all--a huge spider came into the apartment one night just as we were beginning our weekly planning. Man that thing moved quickly--(I want to say that it was a little bigger than the palm of my hand). We lost it--but the Lord answers prayers and we found it just last night. Another one bites the dust!

This week was a bit of a downer as some of our investigators are falling away. Rogner and Victoria are the sweetest, and I know they would accept the gospel--but life is tricky and it doesn`t look like it`s going to happen. The same thing for Junior. So is agency--that is the tough part about the mission. We can teach and exhort, and bear testimony--but if they don`t act for themselves we can do nothing.

There were a lot of ups and downs but this week ended wonderfully with the marraige and baptism of Familia Mozombite. It was my first marriage here in the jungle. Very simple--but very sweet! Ekier and Jency Mozombite were married as well as another old couple (and I mean old--pretty sure they were in their 90s). It was the cutest thing--each time they would say "si" or "i do", the officiator--Hermano Alberto--told us to give a cheer. We all clapped loudly--too funny. But very sweet.
The next morning we got to the church morning to clean and fill up the font for the baptism later that afternoon. There was a very sweet spirit present. It was very simple--but afterwords each member of the family bore there testimony. They were very simple but the spirit was strong--Hermana Arone and I were just weeping as each one got up. In there jeans and t shirts they shared their simple but sincere testimonies. They were just glowing!! I love this family.

This week in additional study we`ve been talking about the Book of Mormon and the power from the word of God. Our goal for this week is to incorporate the Book of Mormon in every lesson. Just last night we taught Jowan (13) using the story of Captain Moroni. He listened attentively as we showed a picture and read some verses talking about the strength of Captain Moroni--I thought of you mom as we shared that story!

All is well here in the jungle--we work hard everyday. We are doing the work of the Lord! I love and miss you all. You are always in my prayers!

Love love

Hermana Jackson

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