November 3, 2014

Hope in the Jungle

Dearest Family,

Thank you thank you for your prayers. From the beginning I have always felt your prayers but this week I felt them even more strongly. Last Monday I received the two packets of letters you sent in September. I read them on the bus ride home--they were exactly what I needed. This week has been much better which is slightly funny because our investigators are dropping like flies :) Hermana Arone and I are improving in our teaching--and I am really teaching!! I still have a long way to go with Spanish, but I am understanding more and more each day. It`s great!!

Everyday we take motorcars or walk to our lessons. It is always a great time to think, reflect, and talk with my companion. At the beginning of the week I had my motorcar epiphany on discouragement. I realized as we made our way up the bumpy road (not really a road, more like a trail) that discouragement is a powerful tool of the adversary. There are days where we become discouraged, we are disappointed,and are tired--all of which is normal. But when we remain in that state,, we put ourselves on  the sidelines. We stop playing the game mentally. We stop looking for solutions  and we stop seeing the good in every moment. This mission already has been so fantastic in teaching me lessons that I will carry for the rest of my life. We cannot  get discouraged--we must  press forward having a perfect brightness of hope. Because even if the situation isn`t ideal, we can still find happiness and we can search for the solution to our problems. 

One of my favorite hours of the day is personal and companionship study. In these hours I receive so much inspiration and revelation from the words in the scriptures and latter day prophets. This week I have been studying President Monson`s talk "Ponder the Path of Thy Feet" It speaks of walking the path of the  Savior. He has marked the way for each of us personally. I`ve pondered the meaning of this talk as each  day Hermana Arone and I search for investigators, contact and teach the gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. What a privilege to follow after the Savior and preach his gospel!!

This week hasn`t been prime in finding and teaching, but we are filled with  hope for the future! We have a plan to begin to contact part member families. We hope that it will help us to reactivate and baptize at the same time!!

I`m so sorry I would write more but this computer is just awful. Next week! Love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers--you all help me to keep going. I will write more  next week!!


Hermana Jackson

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