January 19, 2015

A Hot Christmas in the Jungle

Dearest family,

Another hot hot week here in Iquitos. It`s getting closer to Christmas, but there aren`t a whole lot going on so it doesn`t quite feel like it. It`s funny to see a lot of American Traditions transfer over here in Peru. We drink a lot of Hot Chocolate although it`s 90 degrees :)
This week we had the opportunity to go to the new "family history center." Two hermanas run the it--I would love love love to be assigned to this area. We were able to do some family history for Julio and look at our own family history. Such a good spirit as we tap into that spirit of Elijah! The family search website is so great--so easy to send names to the temple.
We continue to find, teach, and find some more! We taught a lesson in a motokar which was funny (it wasn`t driving--just chilling in the moto). We taught the Plan of Salvation to grace--very receptive. Everyone here is receptive and super friendly--we just hope that they will progress!!
On Saturday we had a full day of proselyting. We taught a cute young family. It was a great first lesson on the Restoration. Jack had a lot of questions. Carmen`s mom is member of the church and we could see that she wants to learn more as she attended church when she was younger. We will see!
Sunday was solid--we had quite a few Menos Activos at Church which was exciting. And we have a baptism date for Hermano fernando--his whole family are less active but they are returning to church and he is planning to get baptised!
This week has been a good one--I finally got the Conference Ensign. Those talks are gold--I hope you are all studying them!
love you so,
Hermana Jackson

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