January 19, 2015

Leading out the Area

Hello Hello!
It is burning up in Iquitos-but we had such a great week! On Tuesday early morning I dropped off Hna Arone at the Offices and picked up my new companion Hermana Astete. She is 20, from Chile, and has 14 months in the mission. She was sister training leader before so I just pick her brain with all sorts of questions. She is so great--our personalities are very different, but it works really rather perfectly. Which is such a relief--our personalities just seem to complement each other perfectly!

This week was really fun as I am "in charge of the area." I feel like everything is solidifying--the language is really getting there (Hooray!!), And just as a missionary I feel like I am understanding how to work here in Iquitos with limited resources (I`m sure this will come in handy one day :) (Please excuse my horrible grammar--my brain is getting jumbled with Spanish)
Although it was transfers, we worked hard this week.  We taught over 50 lessons finding new investigators, setting baptismal dates, and reactivating members. Love it! This week we also got some sad news--the young family we`ve been teaching (Carmen and Jack) are leaving for Lima for 6 months while he goes through a training for his job (he works in the Marines). They came to church this past Sunday and really liked it. Jack grew up with a Catholic background so he had many questions afterwards. So sad that they are leaving--really just a family of gold. Just yesterday we taught they word of wisdom and they commited to living it! We will send their new address to the misisonaries in Lima and keep theire teaching record until they return in June. Hopefully I`ll be able to see them once more before I leave in  December.

Other than that we`ve been teaching two families. The Manihuari Family--Laura received a testimony of the Restoration this week!! And commited to getting baptized in the end of February. Working more with her partner Balmas to received the same testimony and so they can get married!
Life is good--it is busy, but busy is good! It is the way to live life in my opinion. Taught gospel principles yesterday to a full class on Obediencia--so fun to teach now :)

Love you all--You are always in my prayers!!
Hermana Jackson

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