January 19, 2015

Miracles and Blessings in the Jungle

Hello Hello!

Another great week here in the jungle--it really was a good week. It was the last week of this transfer, today is transfers. We`ll see what happens! I`ll let you know next week :)

Several weeks ago as we were walking back home after a long day of work a kid stopped us on the street. He told us that there was this lady that wanted us to come visit--we were totally skeptical but we wrote down the address and went to visit several days after. We found Hermana Josefa who is just a gem. And from Hermana Josefa we found a pool of investigators--a little family tree in a sense. Hermana Josefa (70) lost her site in her 40s--her partner took of when that happened. She was baptized in Pucallpa but when she moved to Iquitos it was difficult to find the church and go so she stopped--that is until we found her. She`s been coming to church ever since with her daughter Diana who is also a less active.
The first visit we had with Josefa her daughter Diana and grandaughter Carmen just so happened to show up right before we started the lesson. Both Joesfa and Diana are now activated in the church--they paid their tithing the second week of attendance (which is a miracle as the number of full tithe payers is so little right now in our ward--think less then 10).
We are currently teaching the daughter of Diana, Carmen and Jack her boyfriend. Carmen came to church yesterday--they both are reading. It is so fun to teach them as they read and have great questions!! We love intelligent people!
Yesterday at church the other son of Hermana Josefa, Nicolas (Less Active) and his spouse Angelica (investigator) came as well. It was like Christmas Morning to see this family grow in their church attendance and more importantly their commitment to the gospel. Sweet Josefa has started giving out her pamphelets to her neighbors since she personally can`t read them. We are getting so many references!!
It is miraculous to see all that has happened just from one boy who stopped us on the street. Yesterday we had a lesson with Josefa on Temples and Family History--this week we`re planning on filling out the My Family pamphelet with her so she can do her family history. Her sincere worry and concern for being able to go to the temple was so dear. We are going to make sure she gets there!
Overall this week has been so great--December was full of dead ends but this month and the end of this transfer has had our area just blossoming with people who want to learn about the gospel.

As we work I feel like I`m learning so much about myself as well--how to be more Christlike. Less critical, more understanding, to have more paciencia and be more humble (because Heaven knows that humility is a trait I`ve always needed to work on :) So glad to be here. So hoping I don`t leave my area so I can help this little family keep moving forward.

Love you all! You are always in my prayers.

Hermana Jackson

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