January 19, 2015

The Work Continues in the Jungle

Dearest Family!

Sorry I was skimpy on the details last week--this week has been much better!

Monday night we had a Family Home Evening with Hermano Jarry (ward secretary) and his less active family and another less active family. We talked about the importance of families and then watched that great and super cheesy movie Together Forever that the church produced over 30 years ago--people here just love it.

Tuesday and Wednesday were great days as we had a work visit with the Sister Leaders. One of the sister leaders stayed with me in my area and Hermana Arone went to another area. It was fun navigating our area on my own. It was just the boost of confidence I needed to end this transfer--my spanish is getting better and better and I feel more comfortable chatting with people and teaching lessons. And it was nice to have a companion that spoke English for 24 hours :)

My thanksgiving was spent in an all day Zone Conference--or I guess a multi zone conference. We received training from President and Sister Gomez as well as the asistants to the President. At the end as is tradition we bore our testimonies. I had my first Zone Conference my second day out in the mission field so it was fun to come again this time and to bear my testimony in Spanish with more of the language under my belt. I loved the training of one of the new asistants on effective planning. If we want to achieve more in our lives (and in my case as a missionary) we must plan more effectively--with more details/specifics. It was great.

Friday was a long day--by dinner time I was worn out and didn`t feel like working for those last 3 hours. I said a prayer asking the Lord for guidance and strength and boy is he looking out for me. In one of the devotionals we watched in the CCM Elder Holland said that as missionaries the way to recharge is to be out and about teaching and testifying of Christ. It is so true. We had a lesson with Julio--I just feel so much love for this old man!!! He received the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday and was just beaming. Really he is the perfect "investigator"--he always asks us to leave him assignments to read and is very attentive during the lessons. After we had a lesson with a recent convert Family--la familia Mozombite. We talked about the scriptures and the revelation and guidance we receive when we study daily. The spirit was very strong in that humble home--where the only light they have is by candles. They are such a dear family.

On Saturday morning we headed out in the pouring rain to walk 1 1/2 miles to our appointment. We were soaked within minutes. As we walked back home--still raining--after the various appointments that we had, my companion exclaimed ¡Somos Valientes! (We are Valient/Brave) We both started laughing as we continued to trek through the mud and rain, filled with gratitude to have this experience and sacrifice the things of the world to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ as we preach his gospel. In the December Ensign, Elder Uchtdorf spoke of the simple but profound life of Christ. Rather than hanging with the rich, he surrounded him self with the poor and humble. That struck a cord as I read as I felt that I am really learning to learn in such a unique way how the Savior felt. My life is very simple right now--crazy--but really we do the same things everyday. We exercise patience as we teach and teach and then no one shows up to church. It`s frustrating but I am learning through this process.

We also had a baptism!! Flor Mozombite age 21--very sweet. She has two girls. Good baptism--there is always a unique spirit during baptisms.

Sunday was great--I feel like the Barrio Secada is my little ward now. The Bishop gave a great lesson on tithing as very few are full tithe payers.
It was a full week and a good one.

Love you all to pieces!!
Hermana Jackson

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